Coworking spaces (About us)

We offer coworking space most important thing you need is a space for your Start-ups 

 Your idea needs to grow into an empire, and for that you need place. No shelling out huge amount from pockets at early stages and renting big spaces. We aim at providing you with the best Coworking Space in Patna.

About Our Coworking SPace

We Thinkspaces a unit of Galaxy Services, aim to providing you with the best Coworking Space in Patna.
High speed internet, 24×7 power back up, a conference room, a cafeteria and every other possible thing you can think of to have in your office, we provide it to you at throw away prices. We understand how important every penny is for start-ups and thus provide shared office Place in Patna.

Thinkspace believe in growing together, and coworking in Delhi favours the idea open heartedly. We provide the supreme services and facilities at the least possible cost for coworking spaces.
So, if you are an entrepreneur or soon going to be one, you can undoubtedly bank upon us. We will help you save that extra penny and invest it into your business to make millions in the future. Cowork Patna is thus the answer if you are looking for coworking in Patna. We with our best efforts have brought for you a pocket friendly solution for all your money making dreams, because for an Entrepreneur a penny saved is a thousand earned.


Cowork space Team

In search of coworking office Patna? We are here to provide you best workplace in Patna.

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Approach us, because we understands your need better than anybody else. Don’t worry about the staff size and facilities, we promise to deliver great things by just making a tiny hole in your pockets in this money laundering world. We give start to start-ups. Yours can be the next to get started!​